Help Session on Standard MNRG.5.b

This standard is a pretty straightforward one to master, once you know what to look for. 

There are some groups or families of elements that have special names, probably because of their importance in the early days of chemical understanding.  For quick reference, and to make it easier to communicate with each other, this standard states the expectation that you will be able to identify elements that belong in the groups shown on the drawing below:

image of periodic table with important group names

This periodic table shows the location of the alkali metals, alkaline earth metals transition metals, halogens and noble gases.

After seeing where the locations are, look at a standard periodic table, like this one and try to identify each of the following:

1 calcium (Ca)

2 lithium (Li)

3 xenon (Xe)

4 gold (Au)

5 chlorine (Cl)

6 argon (Ar)

7 barium (Ba)

8 sodium (Na)

9 iron (Fe)

10 bromine (Br)

Check your answers here.



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